Really made a difference in Cambodia

Really made a difference in Cambodia

Really made a difference in Cambodia

I found out about Samrong Children’s farm through the database of AIESEC. I’ve been there from September to December 2013 to teach the children English. During my first weeks on the farm I found out that there were hardly any learning materials and books to teach English with. Besides that I noticed that the children were playing with twigs, peddles and with scorpions. That was the moment that I realized that these kids could really use some toys.

I made a group on facebook and asked people if they were willing to give some money. Besides that, I managed to get an article about the fundraising in a local paper in the Netherlands. Within three weeks I got €3500,-. I was totally amazed, I never expected that I could raise that much money. I asked all 70 children what they would like to have as a present. They were really shy to ask something because they didn’t want to ask too much. After pushing them a little bit they asked things like yoyo’s, calculators, stickers and dictionaries. If you would ask Dutch children the same question, they would definitely ask for an IPad or something similar. I went several times to the international bookshop, the toystore and to the market and I brought five full tuktuks back to the farm.

After I bought everything I wanted I still had a lot of money left. I asked the coordinator of the project if there was something else they needed money for. He told me that the rats were eating holes in the clothes of the children because there were not enough wardrobes. I bought the wardrobes and next to that I bought a lot of peddles for on the sandy floor of the farm. Because of the raining season it was really muddy on the farm which made it hard to walk around. There was still money left so I decided to leave it so they could spend it on their yearly trip to Sihanoukville.

My last week on the farm I threw a party for the kids. I bought hot-dogs, fruit and sweets and I gave away all the presents. The kids have been playing and dancing all night and I never saw them this happy before. It felt heartwarming to see how happy these children were with just a small present. They were so thankful. They played with their toys every minute that they weren’t at school or working on the farm. Teaching became much easier for the next volunteers now there were materials and books to teach with. It was an amazing experience and it felt so good to really make a change.

After I left the farm, I thanked all the donors by sending them emails and by placing another article with pictures of the happy children in the paper.

Anne Smeulders – Nijmegen The Netherlands

Charles Giesberger